Pack of 50-3 & 5 Gallon Water Bargain Premium Water Cooler Jug Non Spill BPA-FREE Bottle caps

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All of our Bottlecaps are BPA Free!  These caps work perfectly for re-filling water cooler bottles for your home or office. They are identical to the ones that bottling facilities use when packaging new water bottles, and will save a ton of money over using a water delivery service. Simply remove the old cap, refill the bottle, snap on the new cap to create an air-tight seal and create a sterile environment for crystal-clear water storage. Anyone who has tried the re-usable bottle caps understands the frustration with water spilling and leaking. With these caps, if a bottle tips over in your car on the way home, not one single drop will get out. Save money and frustration by using the non-spill bottle caps.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee!